Wake Me Up

The project:
Free in his head, author of his well-being!
Wake Me Up is a blog that talks about the well-being that comes from a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, combined with a sporting activity. Mélanie is a wellness coach, she advises and proposes wellness solutions according to your lifestyle. Playful gastro workshops or more personalized closet workshops are also proposed by Wake Me Up, in the Paris area.

First of all, Mélanie from Wake Me Up asked us to create her logo, pep, structured, modern, aimed more at the target of women 30-45 years old who want to take care of themselves. Then Mélanie wanted to gather all her skills and advice on an online blog: Wellness coaching, recipes, tips, articles on sports and dietetics as well as fun or more personalized workshops. All this in a dynamic and orderly atmosphere!


August 2016
Wake Me Up – Paris