The project:
Your decoration magazine 100% Made in Alsace.

Gnooss is a magazine Déco et Habitat 100% Alsace based near Strasbourg. They propose to individuals to help them find inspiration and professionals near their home. For the story Gnooss means “little happiness” in Alsatian.

Gnooss wanted a logo in its image, young, dynamic and fun. So Apikcréa came up with a logo in the form of a stamp, minimalist and easy to use on any type of medium easily and legibly. It illustrates, thanks to its unique pictograms, Gnooss’ two passions: decoration and habitat.

Later, Gnoos asked us to create its website which is composed of the Deco/Habitat mag, the web TV where you will find all the 100% deco shows on Youtube, the E-Shop with the sale of products from professionals, as well as the Deco Pro directory (under creation).

Nov. 2016
Gnooss by La Maison de Caroline – Strasbourg France